About Security

Only registered users can access Bexhill Premium Funding Management System. Before you can use the service on this site you must register with Bexhill and agree to be bound by the users Facility Agreement.

As with any normal banking transaction, Bexhill will treat your information and transactions as strictly confidential. You logon to the Premium Funding Management System, your session will be secured using a 128-bit encrypted connection (using Thawte SSL Certificate) between yourself and Bexhill. All transactions and internet messages using the Bexhill Premium Funding Management System are transmitted in this encrypted environment, ensuring that the information is protected by a high level of security.

The browser that you use needs to support 128-bit data encryption, and we recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (or higher). If you currently use a different browser, you can download the latest version of Internet Explorer from the Microsoft web site.

Internet email is not a secure facility and should not be used to communicate with Bexhill about your accounts.

The Bexhill Premium Funding Management system does use temporary cookies to store and control the state of the application, these are automatically removed at the end of each session. All requests for information are serviced from within a secure server environment and no information on you or your transactions is stored in the public domain.

Usage information is recorded for management purposes. This information is not intended to identify individual users. No information on your usage of this site, including logs and cache, will be made available to any third party outside the Bexhill Group of Companies, unless required by law.

Please be aware that the Internet itself is not necessarily a secure environment, and should not be used to communicate with Bexhill about your accounts, unless you are a registered user of the Premium Funding Management System. Any information you transmit to Bexhill Group of Companies (“Group”) may be used by the Group to advise you of the Group’s products and services and those of selected third parties. You have the right to access and correct personal information held by the Group that relates to you.

Some information components of this site are located on a different server. Please note that when you access one of these pages. You will be leaving the secure environment.


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