About Us

Bexhill Funding Group Ltd is a wholesale and direct premium funding provider that has been successfully operating in New Zealand since 1985, focusing on providing solutions that meet the specific needs of insurance brokers and their clients.

Premium funding enables your clients to pay their insurance premiums in easy-to-manage monthly instalments, freeing up their cash flow.

We’ve helped over 100 insurance brokers provide premium funding to their clients.

Bexhill is part of the Avanti Group.

The Bexhill Advantage

Bexhill’s strength lies in its unique approach to doing business. Bexhill is recognised by both its clients and its peers in the industry for innovative funding products, flexible solutions, its partnership approach, and its status as an independent premium funding provider.


If you choose to license our self-managed system, you own the funding company and you determine the interest rates you charge, depending on the size and quality of each transaction. You also choose the clients you wish to finance, without the need to consult any third party. All funding transactions remain completely separate from the underwriting arrangements.

“Helping to meet the individual needs of you and your client is our main priority”


The Bexhill Premium Funding Management System allows you to take control of your own destiny. You can set your interest rates and fees to reflect your business model.

“Our job is simple: we’re here to help you be more profitable.”


The Bexhill Premium Funding Management System requires minimal capital outlay but can greatly enhance the overall value of your business. A monthly license fee for use of the software applies.

“Raising enough money to fund your company is a non-issue – that’s where Bexhill stands behind you”


Together with providing the funding and comprehensive system to operate your premium funding company, Bexhill is available to provide guidance and additional funding in the management and growth of your business.

“Adapting our service to your business is our focus”


When you deal with Bexhill, there is no unwanted pressure to favour one insurance company over another. Our motives are purely client focused.

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