What the System Does

The Bexhill Premium Funding Management System consists of a series of seven fully interactive workbenches that provide all the systems, procedures and documentation you need to successfully run your own Premium Financing Company. The system is fully integrated and extremely simple to operate. No complex calculations are required, and all documentation is automatically produced. It requires no extra staff, and all users are fully trained by Bexhill.

1. Clients

The Client Database workbench records each client's details and a summary of their current finance agreements.

2. Finance Agreements

The Finance Agreement workbench produces, prints and monitors all your client finance agreements.

3. Cashbook

The Cashbook workbench manages your bank account, confirming all payments received and reconciling all transactions with your bank statement.

4. Report Manager

The extensive reporting system provides all the information you need to run your own funding company profitably. It includes a range of pre-designed reports to help you analyse your business performance, including cashflow forecasts to meet your underwriter payments and status reports for all client accounts.

5. Funding Application

The Funding Application workbench manages all your premium funding requests to Bexhill.

6. General Ledger

The General Ledger workbench manages all the accounting functions of the system, eliminating the need for manual accounting tasks.

7. Administration

System administration and maintenance is straightforward, and includes a multi-level security system for users. Full training is provided by Bexhill.

What's next?

To apply to connect to the Bexhill Premium Funding Management System, just fill out our simple application form . Then submit or alternatively, print, fax, or post your application to us. One of the Bexhill team will contact you promptly.

If you'd like to find out more about Bexhill or the Bexhill Premium Funding Management System, contact any of the Bexhill team. We look forward to working with you.


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